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R. E. Foster

School Prefect. 
Head of  House
Cricket XI,  Captain.
Football XI. Captain
Racquets Pair Pritchard  Racquets
Racquets and Golf v. Cambridge.
Football  for  England  ( 7 )
Cricket  v. Australia
and South Africa, ( 8 )
Captain Worcs. C. C. C. 1900

BORN 16-4-1878


DIED 13-5-1914





Innings Not Out  Runs Highest Catches Average
236 19 9236 287 168 42.56

 R. E. known as Tip was an incredibly gifted player of all sports. At the time , he could claim to be the greatest exponent of the four or five outdoor games.

 At Oxford university he had Blues in Cricket, Soccer, Racquets and Golf but he stands pre-eminent in the family for his Cricket. His 287 made for England in the famous test match at Sydney in Dec 1903 was perhaps the pinnacle and ranks as one of the most remarkable innings ever played. It is still  the highest score in a maiden test innings. He Captained England in three test matches against the South Africans in 1910. He scored 246 not out in a Worcestershire County Match and made three centuries in successive innings in 1900. His 172 runs in the 'varsity match of 1902 was spoken of in awe. He was such a lovely stroke player and a joy to watch and let it not be forgotten he was one of the very finest fielders for England and had no superior in the slips . In 1909 with his rare ability of scoring heavily,  he made 262 not out in 75 minutes out of 290 bringing improbable victory to H. W. de Zoete's X1 against Witham. One could go on and on about his great performances. His first class career stretched from 1897 to 1912 but in that time he played less than 140 matches scoring 9,076 runs at an average of 41.82.

 He was also a great Football player and Captained English Football and Cricket at the same time, a record which has hardly ever been equalled,  and was regarded as one of the finest  exponents of the game of Football.  He was certainly one of the greatest players in one of the greatest Oxford teams and has played for England in at least five internationals. With four of his brothers he was a prominent member of the Corinthians and  played regularly for them

 He played for Oxford at Racquets and Golf and his prowess as a player on the links was almost as great as
his reputation in Cricket and Football.  Circumstances were however that he did not often play Racquets.

 He was very much more than a mere player of games. He was in all ways a fine example of what should be conneted by the old-fashioned term. 'An English Gentleman '. He had the gentlest and most charming manners.

 It was a tragedy that he died at the age of 36 of Diabetes before Insulin was introduced.